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for Singers

Instrumentals for Singers


There are many good reasons for artists to create their own original songs.

Surprise Your Fans!

  • Individuality.Surprise them with a song they have never heard before.
  • Creativity.Surprise them with your own creativity.
  • Message.Surprise them with your own message.

Boost Your Music Career!

  • Get discovered. Set yourself apart from other artists on social media.
  • Get gigs. Perform your own song instead of covering songs everyone has already heard before.
  • Commercialize. Sell and perform your original song.

Develop Your Own Brand!

  • Be yourself.Express yourself with your own songs.
  • Identify.Identify yourself with your own songs.
  • Set trends.Stand out with your signature sound.

YPANICK produces Original Instrumentals for Artists!

We offer Original Instrumentals for lease!

Are you looking for a great producer who supports you with original productions for your songs?

If so, YPANICK’s Store is the right place for you to download instrumentals for your original songs instantly. There is no need of record companies to get involved.

At YPANICK we do songwriting and production of original electronic music in various genres. We offer our original instrumentals to artists for their interpretation and commercial usage in our store. With our instrumentals we want to provide artists with unique sounding productions, encourage them to pursue their music, enlarge their fan base and develop their own brand with original productions by YPANICK.
Be inspired by YPANICK's productions and bring in your own creativity when creating your own song.

What makes our offer so special?

Our instrumentals are especially designed for singers.
We enable creative artists to record their own unique songs that can be commercialized.


YPANICK is a source for top notch electronic productions & songwriting. Sing amazing songs no one has heard before.


Our licenses are affordable (from $99 to $499) and allow a broad commercial usage of the final original song. Save tons of money in a studio for production and mixing of an instrumental.


YPANICK’s productions are produced at highest standards regarding harmonic structure, arrangements, melody and innovative sound design. They are mixed at high quality.


Our online store makes the original instrumentals available for instant download, so that the artist has immediate access to amazing electronic music productions. There is no need of record companies to get involved.

Designed for Singers

The instrumentals are designed for vocals. There are dedicated parts where singers can sing their own melodies. Additionally the instrumentals come in 3 keys to suit a singer's voice best. (original key, pitched 2 half-tones up, pitched 2 half-tones down)

Time Saver

Save precious time in a studio for production and mixing of an instrumental. Focus on what you as an artist can do best: songwriting, singing and performing.

Browse and Listen

Browse and listen to our instrumentals in our store and see for yourself. One of them could be the base of your next original song.