Producer & Songwriter Team YPANICK

For any artist who needs unique orginal songs to sing, the producer team YPANICK offers their instrumentals.

YPANICK is a young start up project. We do songwriting and production of original electronic music in various genres and offer our original instrumentals to artists for their songwriting, interpretation and commercial usage in our store.
We at YPANICK are continously developing our production and songwriting skills and are looking forward to grow with artists who work with our productions.


Work with YPANICK and surprise your Fans with a unique sounding Original Song

Use YPANICK's instrumentals and bring in your creativity to record great original songs and make them your own.

YPANICK is interested in working with artists on innovative sounding productions tailored to the individual artist.
In case you are interested in a joint project, please submit a link to your song based upon a YPANICK instrumental to:
We are curious to listen to your song and we will check the opportunity of a new production tailored to you.
Such projects will be handled individually and are independent of locations.

Reference Songs

Listen to some reference songs of singers, who used our instrumentals to create amazing orginal songs.

Listen to References